Translation of "hold" - English-Mandarin Chinese dictionary


verb [ T ] (KEEP) 保持 uk us /həʊld/ US  /hoʊld/ (held)

to keep something, especially when it might have been lost

I asked the shop to hold the dress for me until this afternoon. 我让那家商店帮我把那件衣服留到今天下午。
You have to be a fairly good speaker to hold an audience's attention/interest. 要想吸引观众的注意力/兴趣,你得是一个相当出色的演讲者才行。

to keep someone in a place so that they cannot leave

The police are holding several people in custody (= at the police station) for questioning. 警方拘留了几个人进行讯问。
[ + obj + noun ] The terrorists held him hostage for 18 months. 恐怖分子将他扣为人质达18个月之久。
I was held prisoner in a tiny attic room. 我被囚禁在一间小阁楼里。

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