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holenoun [ C ]

uk /həʊl/ us /hoʊl/

hole noun [ C ] (SPACE)

B1 an empty space in an object, usually with an opening to the object's surface, or an opening that goes completely through an object

We dug a hole and planted the tree. 我们挖了个坑栽下了那棵树。
My jumper's got a hole in it. 我的套头衫上破了个洞。
Drill a hole through the back of the cupboard and pass the wires through. 在壁橱后面钻个洞把电线穿过去。

in golf, one of the small circular spaces in the ground into which the ball is hit


in golf, one of the usually 18 areas of play

an 18-hole course

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hole noun [ C ] (PLACE)

a place in the ground where a small animal lives

a mouse/rabbit/fox hole 老鼠/兔子/狐狸洞

informal a small unpleasant place where someone lives

What a hole that house was - I'm so pleased we moved. 那所房子真是小——真庆幸我们搬出来了。

hole noun [ C ] (FAULT)

a mistake or problem in an argument, discussion, plan, etc.

The new proposal has several holes in it. 那项新提案有几处漏洞。

holeverb [ T ]

uk /həʊl/ us /hoʊl/ specialized

to make a hole in something, especially a ship or boat

A torpedo holed the ship below the water and it quickly sank. 一枚鱼雷在水下把船给炸了个洞,船迅速下沉。


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