Translation of "home" - English-Mandarin Chinese dictionary


noun uk /həʊm/ us /hoʊm/

A1 [ C or U ] the house, apartment, etc. where you live, especially with your family

The senator has two homes - an apartment in Washington and a house in Colorado. 这位参议员有两个家——一个是位于华盛顿的公寓,另一个是科罗拉多的家。
He was living on the streets for three months, and his home was a cardboard box. 他在大街上住了3个月了,他的家就是一个纸板箱。
Call me at home after four o'clock. 4点之后打家里的电话找我。
women who decide to stay at home and look after their children
He left home (= stopped living with his parents) when he was 23. 他23岁时离家独立生活。
UK More and more couples are setting up home together without getting married. 越来越多的伴侣不结婚就组成家庭。

[ C ] a house, apartment, etc. when it is considered as property that you can buy or sell

luxury/starter homes 豪华住宅/作为过渡房而买的第一所小房子

[ C ] the type of family you come from

We had a happy home. 我们有一个幸福的家庭。
children from a broken home (= from a family in which the parents had separated) 来自离异家庭的孩子

C1 [ C ] a place where people or animals live and are cared for by people who are not their relations or owners

a children's home/an old people's home/a dogs' home 孤儿院/养老院/流狼狗收容所
He spent his early years in a home. 他的幼年时期在孤儿院度过。

A1 [ C or U ] someone's or something's place of origin, or the place where a person feels they belong

I live in London, but my home (= where I was born) is in Greece. 我住在伦敦,但我出生在约克郡。
I was actually born in New Zealand, but I've lived in Hong Kong for so long that it feels like home now. 我实际上出生在新西兰,但我在英格兰住了这么久,现在感觉就像我的故乡一样了。

[ C or U ] your own country or your own area

She loves France, but she misses home.
At home we call this "lardy cake".
UK I wonder what they're doing back at home. 我纳闷他们在国内在做什么。
be/play at home

If a sports team are/play at home, they play on their own sports field.

adverb /həʊm/ /hoʊm/

at or to your house or the place where you live:

Don't worry, I'll be home soon.
US I'm sorry, he's not home right now.
mainly US The kids were home alone.
She decided to give up and go home.
He came home as the dawn was breaking.
Josh was tired so we took him home.
I took home a couple of books to read. 我带回家一些书阅读。
I'll bring everyone home after the party.
When you get home late you don't feel like cooking.
I hope you made it home safely last night?
mainly US women who decide to stay home and care for their children

in or to the country or area where you come from:

We pray all our troops will come home safely.
mainly US I wonder what they're doing back home. 我纳闷他们在国内在做什么。
US Back home we call this jelly.
adjective [ before noun ] uk /həʊm/ us /hoʊm/

relating to the house, flat, etc. where someone lives:

mainly US home prices

done at home, or intended to be used at home

home cooking 家庭烹饪
home-brewed beer 家酿啤酒
a home computer 家庭用计算机
my home telephone number

relating to your family or your life at home:

His home life is affecting his work.
students who have a difficult home situation

connected with or done in your own country

His books were a success in his home country/market, but failed to find an audience abroad. 他的书在本国市场很畅销,可在国外却没有什么读者。

relating to the place where a team is based and plays a lot of its games

the home team/side 主队/东道主
a home ground
a home match/game
the home strip (= clothing worn by a team when they play a home match)
home advantage (= the improved chance of success that playing at home gives to a team)

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