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UK US honor uk /ˈɒn.ər/ us /ˈɑː.nɚ/

honour noun (RESPECT)

B2 [ U ] a quality that combines respect, being proud, and honesty

a man of honour 品德高尚的人
We fought for the honour of our country. 我们为我们国家的荣誉而战。
in honour of sb/sth

B2 in order to celebrate or show great respect for someone or something

a banquet in honour of the president 为总统举行的宴会
be/feel honour bound to do sth also be/feel honour-bound to do sth

to feel you must do something because it is morally right, even if you do not want to do it

I felt honour bound to tell him the truth. 我觉得应该告诉他事实真相。
do sb the honour of doing sth formal

to make someone proud and happy by doing or being something

Would you do me the honour of accompanying me to the New Year Ball? 你愿不愿意赏光陪我去参加新年舞会?
Your/His/Her Honour formal

the way to address or refer to a judge

Yes, Your Honour.
The case was dealt with by Her Honour Judge Kirkham.

More examples

  • It's an honour to have you here today, Mr President.
  • Great honour attaches to winning this award.
  • The party was held in honour of Vivienne Westwood, that doyenne of British fashion.
  • It's an honour to meet you Sir.
  • He felt that his honour was at stake.

honour noun (REWARD)

[ C ] a reward, prize, or title that publicly expresses admiration or respect

She received an honour for her services to the community. 她因为社区提供服务而获得了表彰。
He was buried with full military honours (= with a special celebration to show respect). 他被安葬时举行了隆重的军葬礼。
with honours

If you complete a school or university qualification with honours, you achieve a high standard.


More examples

  • He graduated with a second-class honours degree in physics.
  • Tom has just graduated with first-class honours in psychology.
  • Adrian has a joint honours ( double honours) degree in English and philosophy.
  • The Colonel was buried with full military honours.
  • Full military honours and a 21-gun salute marked his funeral.

honourverb [ T ]

UK US honor uk /ˈɒn.ər/ us /ˈɑː.nɚ/

honour verb [ T ] (RESPECT)

C1 to show great respect for someone or something, especially in public

He was honoured for his bravery. 他因表现英勇而受到了表彰。
formal We are honoured (= proud and happy) to have you here tonight. 今晚您能光临我们深感荣幸。
I would be honoured to meet him. 要是能见到他,我会感到无比荣幸。

To honour a promise or agreement is to do what you said you would.

They decided not to honour an existing order for aircraft. 他们决定不兑现已有的飞机订单。

More examples

  • Children need to be taught to honour other people's opinions.
  • The treaty honours the rights of both nations.
  • The press nowadays seems incapable of honouring anyone's privacy.
  • There actually is a rule about not blocking the front entrance, but no one honours it.
  • The fund was set up to honour the memory of Joe's grandmother, a tireless social campaigner.

honour verb [ T ] (REWARD)

to give someone public praise or a reward

He was honoured with a knighthood. 他被封为爵士。

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