Translation of "honour" - English-Mandarin Chinese dictionary


verb [ T ] (RESPECT) 尊敬 UK (US honor) uk us /ˈɒn.ər/ US  /ˈɑː.nɚ/

to show great respect for someone or something, especially in public

He was honoured for his bravery. 他因表现英勇而受到了表彰。
formal We are honoured (= proud and happy) to have you here tonight. 今晚您能光临我们深感荣幸。
I would be honoured to meet him. 要是能见到他,我会感到无比荣幸。

To honour a promise or agreement is to do what you said you would

They decided not to honour an existing order for aircraft. 他们决定不兑现已有的飞机订单。

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