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uk /aʊər/ us /aʊr/

A1 [ C ] a period of 60 minutes

The exam lasted an hour and a half. 考试持续了一个半小时。
There are 24 hours in a day. 1天有24小时。
How many hours' sleep do you need? 你需要睡多少个小时?
I'll be back in an hour's/two hours' time (= after one/two hours). 我会在一小时/两小时之后回来。
My hometown is an hour from Houston/an hour away (= it takes an hour to travel there). 那个村庄离唐克斯特/这儿有一小时的路程。
He gets paid by the hour (= gets a particular amount of money for each hour he works). 他拿的是按小时计酬的工资。
Trains leave every hour on the hour (= at exactly one o'clock, two o'clock, etc.). 火车每小时整点发车。
Buses leave at ten minutes past/to the hour (= at ten past/to one o'clock, two o'clock, etc.). 公共汽车每整点过10分/差10分发一班车。
formal War was declared at eighteen hundred hours/18.00 hours (= at six o'clock in the evening). 宣战时间是晚上6点。

[ C usually plural ] the period of time when a particular activity happens or when a shop or public building is open

I try to spend my lunch hour walking.
office/working hours 办公/工作时间
Our opening hours are from 8.00 to 6.00. 我们的开放时间是8点到6点。

C2 [ C ] a particular time during the day or night

Who could be calling us at this unearthly/ungodly hour (= so late at night)? 谁会在夜里这么晚给我们打电话?
He returned in the early/small hours (= at night, after midnight). 他凌晨才回来。
work long, regular, unsocial, etc. hours

used to describe how many hours in the day you work or what part of the day you work

She's a nurse so she often works unsocial hours. 她是名护士,所以经常要上早班、值夜班。
He's paid well but he works long hours. 他薪水很高,可是工作时间也很长。
for hours (and hours) B1 informal

for a very long time

I waited for him for hours. 我等了他很长时间。
at all hours (of the day and night) C1 disapproving

repeatedly during the day and the night

They keep calling me at all hours (of the day and night). 他们整天不停地给我打电话。

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