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UK US humor uk /ˈhjuː.mər/ us /ˈhjuː.mɚ/

humour noun (AMUSEMENT)

B1 [ U ] the ability to find things funny, the way in which people see that some things are funny, or the quality of being funny

He's got a great sense of humour (= he is very able to see things as funny). 他很有幽默感。
I must say I find his schoolboy (= childish) humour rather tiresome. 我得说他那种幼稚的滑稽很令人厌烦。

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humour noun (MOOD)

C2 [ C or U ] formal the state of your feelings

You seem in a very good humour today. 你今天看起来心情很好。

humourverb [ T ]

UK US humor uk /ˈhjuː.mər/ us /ˈhjuː.mɚ/

to do what someone wants so that they do not become annoyed or upset

I applied for the job just to humour my parents. 我申请那份工作只是在顺从我父母的意愿。

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