Translation of "idiosyncrasy" - English-Mandarin Chinese dictionary


noun [ C usually plural ] uk us /ˌɪd.i.əˈsɪŋ.krə.si/

a strange or unusual habit, way of behaving or feature that someone or something has

She often cracks her knuckles when she's speaking - it's one of her little idiosyncrasies. 她讲话时常常将指节捏得咔咔作响,这是她的一个小怪癖。
One of the idiosyncrasies of this printer is that you can't stop it once it has started to print. 这台打印机的怪毛病之一是一旦开始打印就无法让它停下。
idiosyncratic uk us /ˌɪd.i.ə.sɪŋˈkræt.ɪk/ US  /-ˈkræt̬-/ adjective

The film, 3 hours long, is directed in his usual idiosyncratic style. 这部3小时长的影片是以他惯有的风格导演的。

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