Translation of "impetuous" - English-Mandarin Chinese dictionary


adjective uk us /ɪmˈpet.ju.əs/

likely to act on a sudden idea or wish, without considering the results of your actions

He's so impetuous - why can't he think things over before he rushes into them? 他太冲动了——为什么他急着做事前不能仔细考虑一下呢?

An impetuous word or action is said or done suddenly, without considering the likely results

The Prime Minister may now be regretting her impetuous promise to reduce unemployment by half. 首相现在可能后悔她轻率地许诺要将失业人数减少一半。
impetuously uk us /ɪmˈpet.ju.ə.sli/ adverb
impetuousness uk us /ɪmˈpet.ju.ə.snəs/ noun [ U ] (formal also impetuosity)

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