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uk /ˌɪn.sɪˈkjʊər/ us /ˌɪn.səˈkjʊr/

insecure adjective (NOT CONFIDENT)

C1 Insecure people have little confidence and are uncertain about their own abilities or if other people really like them.

I wonder what it was about her upbringing that made her so insecure. 我想知道究竟是什么样的成长经历造成她如此不自信。
He still feels insecure about his ability to do the job. 他对自己是否有能力胜任这项工作仍没有把握。

insecure adjective (NOT SAFE)

C2 (of objects or situations) not safe or not protected

The situation is still insecure, with many of the rebels roaming the streets. 许多叛乱分子在大街上出没,局势仍然不稳定。
Nations which are not self-sufficient in energy will face an insecure future. 能源不能自给的国家,其未来是没有保障的。
We've gone through a few financially insecure years. 我们经历了好几年的金融动荡。

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