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intendverb [ T ]

uk /ɪnˈtend/ us /ɪnˈtend/

B1 to have as a plan or purpose

[ + to infinitive ] We intend to go to Australia next year. 我们打算明年去澳大利亚。
Somehow I offended him, which wasn't what I'd intended. 我不知怎的得罪了他,但这不是我的初衷。
[ + obj + to infinitive ] I don't think she intended me to hear the remark. 我觉得她并不想让我听见那话。
The course is intended for intermediate-level students. 这门课是为中等程度的学生开设的。
It was intended as a compliment, honestly! 真的,这本来是一句恭维话!

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