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issuenoun [ C ]

uk /ˈɪʃ.uː/ /ˈɪs.juː/ us /ˈɪʃ.uː/ /ˈɪs.juː/

issue noun [ C ] (SUBJECT)

B1 a subject or problem that people are thinking and talking about

environmental/ethical/personal issues 环境/道德/个人问题
As employers we need to be seen to be addressing (= dealing with) these issues sympathetically. 作为雇主,我们需要让大家知道我们在处理这些问题时富有同情心。
Don't worry about who will do it - that's just a side issue (= not the main problem). 不要担心这件事由谁来做——那只是次要问题。
at issue

C2 most important in what is being discussed

The point at issue is what is best for the child. 问题的关键在于什么样的东西对孩子最好。
make an issue of sth disapproving

to make something seem more important than it should be, or to argue about it

Of course I'll help you, there's no need to make an issue of it. 我当然会帮你,没必要把这当作什么大不了的事。
take issue with sth C1 formal

to disagree strongly

I took issue with him over his interpretation of the instructions. 我不赞同他对命令的理解。
have issues (with sb/sth)

to have difficulty or disagreement with someone or something

All the people in the study had low self-esteem and had issues with their bodies. 研究中的所有对象自尊心都不强,对自身体形都有所不满。
Anna has major issues with her employer. 安娜与她的老板有严重分歧。

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issue noun [ C ] (PRODUCT)

B2 a set of newspapers or magazines published at the same time or a single copy of a newspaper or magazine

There's an article on motorbikes in the latest/next issue. 在最近一期/下一期上有一篇关于摩托车的文章。
An old issue of "Homes and Gardens" lay on the table. 桌子上放着一本过期的《家庭与花园》杂志。

An issue of shares is a time when a company gives people the chance to buy part of it or gives extra shares to people who already own some.



issueverb [ T ]

uk /ˈɪʃ.uː/ /ˈɪs.juː/ us /ˈɪʃ.uː/ /ˈɪs.juː/

C2 to produce or provide something official

The office will be issuing permits on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. 办事处将在周二和周四的上午颁发许可证。
The school issued a statement about its plans to the press./The school issued the press with a statement about its plans. 学校就其计划向新闻界发表了一项声明。

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