Translation of "job" - English-Mandarin Chinese dictionary


noun [ C ] (EMPLOYMENT) 雇用 uk us /dʒɒb/ US  /dʒɑːb/

the regular work which a person does to earn money

a temporary/permanent job 临时的/固定的工作
When she left college, she got a job as an editor in a publishing company. 大学毕业后她在一家出版公司当编辑。
It's very difficult trying to bring up two children while doing a full-time job. 一边抚育两个孩子一边做全职工作很困难。
He's never managed to hold down (= keep) a steady (= permanent) job. 他从来没能保住一份稳定的工作。
She's applied for a job with an insurance company. 她已向一家保险公司求职。
Are you going to give up your job when you have your baby? 你有了小孩后会放弃工作吗?
How long have you been out of a job (= unemployed)? 你失业多长时间了?
After a disastrous first month in office, many people are beginning to wonder if the new president is up to (= able to do) the job. 由于任职的第一个月表现很糟,许多人开始怀疑新总统是否胜任。
Hundreds of workers could lose their jobs. 成百上千的工人可能会失业。

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