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uk /dʒəʊlt/ us /dʒoʊlt/

jolt verb (MOVE SUDDENLY)

[ I or T, usually + adv/prep ] to (cause something or someone to) move suddenly and violently

The train stopped unexpectedly and we were jolted forwards. 火车突然停住了,我们都猛地向前晃了一下。
The truck jolted along the rough track through the field. 卡车沿着田野里崎岖的小路颠簸前行。

jolt verb (SHOCK)

[ T ] to shock someone in order to change their behaviour or way of thinking

The charity used photos of starving children in an attempt to jolt the public conscience (= make people feel guilty and take action). 慈善机构用饥饿儿童的照片来触动公众的良知。
jolt sb into/out of sth

to give someone a sudden shock that forces them to act

The news about Sam's illness jolted her into action. 萨姆生病的消息使她猛醒,开始采取行动。

joltnoun [ C ]

uk /dʒəʊlt/ us /dʒoʊlt/

jolt noun [ C ] (MOVEMENT)

a sudden violent movement

As the plane touched the ground, there was a massive jolt and we were thrown forwards. 飞机着陆时剧烈震动,我们被猛地甩向前方。
I woke up with a jolt as I thought I heard my bedroom door being pushed open. 我好像听到自己卧室的门被推开,猛地惊醒了。

jolt noun [ C ] (SHOCK)

an unpleasant shock or surprise

His self-confidence took a sudden jolt with the news that he had not been selected. 他未被选中的消息使他的自信心遭受意外打击。

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