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uk /nəʊ/ us /noʊ/ knew, known


A1 [ I or T, not continuous ] to have information in your mind

"Where did he go?" "I don't know." “他上哪儿去了?”“我不知道。”
"What does it cost?" "Ask Kate. She'll know." “这个要多少钱?”“问凯特,她知道。”
She knows the name of every kid in the school. 她知道学校里每个孩子的名字。
I don't know anything about this. 我对此一无所知。
[ + question word ] We don't know when he's arriving. 我们不知道他什么时候到。
I don't know (= understand) what all the fuss is about. 我不明白这么大惊小怪干什么。
[ + (that) ] I just knew (that) it was going to be a disaster. 我就知道这会是场灾难。
She knew (= was aware) (that) something was wrong. 她知道出错了。
[ + obj + to infinitive ] Even small amounts of these substances are known to cause skin problems. 我们知道这类物质即使是一丁点也会损害皮肤。
formal The authorities know him to be (= know that he is) a cocaine dealer. 当局知道他是个可卡因贩子。

A1 [ T not continuous ] used to ask someone to tell you a piece of information

Do you know the time? 你知道几点了吗?
[ + question word ] Do you know where the Post Office is? 你知道邮局在哪儿吗?

A2 [ I or T, not continuous ] to be certain

[ + (that) ] I know (that) she'll be really pleased to hear the news. 我确信她知道这个消息会很高兴的。
[ + question word ] I don't know whether I should tell her or not. 我不知道是否该告诉她。
The party is at Sarah's house as/so far as I know (= I think but I am not certain). 据我所知,聚会在萨拉家举行。

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know verb (BE FAMILIAR WITH)

B1 [ T not continuous ] to be familiar with or have experience and understanding of

I've known Daniel since we were at school together. 从我们一起上学开始我就认识丹尼尔。
She grew up in Paris so she knows it well. 她在巴黎长大,对那儿很熟悉。
I've seen the film "Casablanca" so many times that I know a lot of it by heart (= I know it in my memory). 电影《卡萨布兰卡》我看过很多遍,对很多情节我都烂熟于心。
Knowing Karen (= from my experience of her in the past), she'll have done a good job. 据我对萨拉的了解,她会干得很好。
formal I have known (= experienced) great happiness in my life. 我的人生中体味过极大的欢乐。

B1 [ I or T, not continuous ] also know about If you know a subject, you are familiar with it and understand it.

Do you know about computers? 你懂电脑吗?
She knows her subject inside out (= very well). 她精通自己的学科。

A2 [ T not continuous ] If you know a language, you can speak and understand it.

Do you know any French? 你会法语吗?

[ T not continuous ] to recognize someone or something

That's Peter alright - I'd know him anywhere! 那就是彼得——到哪儿我都能认出他!
I know a bargain when I see one. 好买卖我一看就知道。
know how to do sth

A2 to be able to do something because you have the necessary knowledge

Do you know how to print on this computer? 你会用这台电脑打印吗?
get to know sb/sth

B1 to spend time with someone or something so that you gradually learn more about him, her, or it

The first couple of meetings are for the doctor and patient to get to know each other. 开始的几次会面使医生和病人相互逐渐熟悉。
I'll need a few weeks to get to know the system. 我需要几周的时间来熟悉这一系统。
know sb by name

to have heard the name of a person but not seen or talked to them

know sb by sight

If you know someone by sight, that person looks familiar to you, but is not a friend of yours.


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uk /nəʊ/ us /noʊ/ informal
be in the know

to have knowledge about something that most people do not have

This resort is considered by those who are in the know to have the best downhill skiing in Europe. 了解情况的人认为这一度假胜地有着欧洲最理想的滑雪坡道。

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