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landmarknoun [ C ]

uk /ˈlænd.mɑːk/ us /ˈlænd.mɑːrk/

landmark noun [ C ] (OBJECT)

C1 a building or place that is easily recognized, especially one that you can use to judge where you are

The Rock of Gibraltar is one of Europe's most famous landmarks. 直布罗陀岩山是欧洲最著名的地标之一。

landmark noun [ C ] (STAGE)

C2 an important stage in something's development

The invention of the silicon chip was a landmark in the history of the computer. 硅片的发明是计算机发展史上的一个里程碑。
In a landmark case/decision, the governor pardoned a woman convicted of killing her husband, who had physically abused her. 在一起具有标志性意义的案例/判决中,州长赦免了一位因遭受虐待而杀夫的妇女。

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