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lanenoun [ C ]

uk /leɪn/ us /leɪn/

lane noun [ C ] (ROAD)

B2 a narrow road in the countryside or in a town

He drives so fast along those narrow country lanes. 在那些狭窄的乡间小路上他把车开得飞快。
I live at the end of Church Lane. 我住在教堂巷的最里面。

More examples

  • Turn left where the lane meets the main road.
  • The cottage is situated in the middle of a wood at the end of a narrow potholed lane.
  • The youths scuffled with the policeman, then escaped down the lane.
  • He climbed onto his horse and set off at a relaxed trot down the lane.
  • We were trotting along the lane when a car suddenly appeared from nowhere and almost made me fall off my pony.

lane noun [ C ] (STRIP)

B2 a special strip of a road, sports track, or swimming pool that is used to keep vehicles or competitors separate

a bus/bike/cycle lane 公共汽车/自行车车道
The northbound lane is closed because of an accident. 北行的车道因发生事故已经封闭。
I find driving in the fast lane very stressful. 我发现在快车道行驶时精神非常紧张。
The German runners/swimmers are in lanes 4 and 6. 英国径赛/游泳选手处在第4道和第6道。

a route across the sea or through the air that ships or aircraft regularly sail or fly along

The English Channel is the busiest shipping lane in the world. 英吉利海峡是世界上最繁忙的水运航道。

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