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launchnoun [ C ]

uk /lɔːntʃ/ us /lɑːntʃ/

launch noun [ C ] (EVENT)

C1 an event to celebrate or introduce something new

How much champagne will we need for the launch? 这次发布会我们需要多少香槟酒?
Illness prevented her attending the launch party for her latest novel. 她因病无法出席为她新近推出的小说举办的庆祝聚会。

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launch noun [ C ] (LEAVE LAND)

C1 an occasion when a ship is put into water, or a spacecraft is sent into space, for the first time

The launch of the space shuttle was delayed for 24 hours because of bad weather. 因天气情况不佳,宇宙飞船的发射被推迟了24个小时。

launch noun [ C ] (BOAT)

a boat that has an engine and carries passengers for short distances, especially on a lake or a river, or from the land to a larger boat



uk /lɔːntʃ/ us /lɑːntʃ/

launch verb (BEGIN)

B2 [ I or T ] to begin something such as a plan or introduce something new such as a product

The programme was launched a year ago. 这项计划是1年前开始实施的。
The airline will launch its new transatlantic service next month. 这家航空公司下个月将开辟一条新的跨越大西洋的航线。
A devastating attack was launched on the rebel stronghold. 向叛军堡垒发起了猛烈的进攻。
[ + adv/prep ] UK After working for the company for several years she decided to launch out on her own and set up in business. 在该公司工作数年后她决定在商界自立门户。

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launch verb (SEND)

C1 [ T ] to send something out, such as a new ship into the water or a spacecraft into space

A spokesman for the dockyard said they hoped to launch the first submarine within two years. 船厂发言人说他们希望在两年内让第一艘潜艇下水。
to launch a missile 发射导弹
launch yourself mainly UK

to jump with great force

The defender launched himself at the attacking player, bringing him to the ground. 防守队员猛地扑向进攻者,把他摔倒在地。

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