Translation of "layer" - English-Mandarin Chinese dictionary


noun [ C ] uk /ˈleɪ.ər/ us /ˈleɪ.ɚ/

B2 a level of material, such as a type of rock or gas, that is different from the material above or below it, or a thin sheet of a substance

the ozone layer 臭氧层
A thick layer of clay lies over the sandstone. 沙岩上面有一层厚厚的黏土。
There was a thin layer of oil on the surface of the water. 水面上有一层薄薄的油膜。
We stripped several layers of paint off the door. 我们从门上剥落了好几层漆。

the group of people at a particular level in an organization:

We've cut the number of management layers from five to three.
verb [ T ] uk /ˈleɪ.ər/ us /ˈleɪ.ɚ/

to arrange something in layers

Layer the pasta with slices of tomato. 把西红柿片分层摆放在意大利面里。
potatoes layered with onions 马铃薯夹洋葱片

to cut hair so that some top parts of the hair are shorter than the hair underneath, to give it a particular style or shape:

Can you layer it a little at the front, please?
layered adjective uk /ˈleɪ.əd/ us /ˈleɪ.ɚd/

Her hair is long and fluffily layered.

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