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uk /liːd/ us /liːd/ led, led uk /led/ us

lead verb (CONTROL)

B2 [ I or T ] to control a group of people, a country, or a situation

I think we've chosen the right person to lead the expedition. 我认为我们已经找到了带领这支探险队的合适人选。
I've asked Gemma to lead the discussion. 我已请杰玛组织大家讨论。
Who will be leading the inquiry into the accident? 谁来领导事故的调查工作?

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lead verb (BE WINNING)

B2 [ I or T ] (especially in sports or other competitions) to be in front, to be first, or to be winning

After 30 minutes the challengers were leading by two goals. 30分钟过后挑战者已经领先两分。
With two laps to go Ngomo led by less than two seconds. 还剩下两圈时恩科莫领先不到两秒钟。
The Lions are leading the Hawks 28–9. 猛狮队以28:9领先老鹰队。

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lead verb (INFLUENCE)

C2 [ T ] to cause someone to do something, especially something bad

[ + to infinitive ] The brochure led me to believe that the price included home delivery. 这本小册子诱使我相信价格中包含送货费。
It's worrying that such a prominent politician is so easily led. 如此显要的政治家竟然这样容易被人误导实在令人担忧。
He was a weak man, led astray by ambition. 他是个意志薄弱的人,野心让他迷失了方向。

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lead verb (SHOW WAY)

B1 [ I ] to show the way to a group of people, animals, vehicles, etc. by going in front of them

I don't know the way, so you'd better lead. 我不认识路,你最好在前面带路。
If you lead in the jeep, we'll follow behind on the horses. 如果你开吉普车带路,我们就骑马跟在后面。

[ T ] To lead a group of moving people or vehicles is to walk or drive in front of them.

The local youth band will lead the parade this weekend. 在周末的游行中当地的青年乐队将走在最前面。
A large black hearse led the funeral procession. 一辆大型黑色灵车引领着整个送葬队伍。

B1 [ T usually + adv/prep ] to take someone somewhere, by going with them

She led them down the hall. 她带着他们走过大厅。
The waiter led us to our table. 侍者把我们领到桌边。
Our guide led us through the mountains. 向导领我们穿过了山区。

B1 [ T usually + adv/prep ] to take hold of a person or animal and take him, her, or it somewhere

She took the child by the hand and led him upstairs to bed. 她拉着孩子的手领他上楼睡觉。
He led the horse out of the stable. 他把马从马厩里牵了出来。
lead the way

to show the way by going in front

You've been there before - why don't you lead the way? 你以前去过那里——为什么不给我们带路?

to make more progress than other people in the development of something

The company has been leading the way in network applications for several years. 几年来该公司在网络应用方面一直处于领先地位。

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lead verb (DIRECTION)

B2 [ I or T, usually + adv/prep ] (especially of roads, paths, doors, signs, information, etc.) to go in a particular direction or have a particular result, or to allow or cause this

There's a track that leads directly to the reservoir. 有一条小道直接通向水库。
The door leads out onto a wide, shady terrace. 落地窗通向宽大阴凉的露台。
A narrow trail of blood led directly into the cave. 一条细细的血迹一直通到山洞里。
This information led the police to a house near the harbour. 警察根据这个情报来到了港湾附近的一座房子。

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lead verb (LIVE)

lead a busy, normal, quiet, etc. life

B2 to live a particular type of life

He was able to lead a normal life, despite the illness. 尽管有病但他还可以过正常的生活。
We certainly don't lead a life of luxury but we're not poor either. 我们的生活当然并不奢华,但也算不上贫困。


uk /liːd/ us /liːd/


B2 uk /liːd/ us [ S ] a winning position during a race or other situation where people are competing

For the first time in the race Harrison is in the lead. 在此次比赛中哈里森第一次领先。
With a final burst of speed she went/moved into the lead. 经过最后冲刺她跑到了最前面。
After last night's win Johnson has taken (over) the lead in the championship table. 昨晚获胜后约翰逊已经登上了冠军榜的榜首。
By the end of the day's play Davies had a lead of three points. 经过一天的比赛戴维斯领先3分。

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lead noun (SHOWING WAY)

C2 [ C usually singular ] the act of showing a person or group of people what to do

We'll go through the dance routine again - follow my lead (= do what I do). 我们再走一遍基本舞步——照我的样子做。

lead noun (INFORMATION)

[ C ] a piece of information that allows a discovery to be made or a solution to be found

A lead from an informer enabled the police to make several arrests. 根据告密者提供的线索,警察逮捕了几个人。

lead noun (ACTOR)

the lead C2 [ C ]

the main part or actor in a film or play


lead noun (ELECTRICAL)

[ C ] also wire, UK also flex, US also cord a wire covered in plastic and used to connect electrical equipment to the electricity supply


lead noun (FOR ANIMAL)

[ C ] mainly UK US usually leash a piece of rope, chain, etc. tied to an animal, especially to a dog at its collar when taking it for a walk

Please keep your dog on a lead when on the beach. 在海滩上请牵住你的狗。

leadnoun [ U ]

uk /led/ us /led/

lead noun [ U ] (SUBSTANCE)

[ U ] symbol Pb a chemical element that is a very heavy, soft, dark grey, poisonous metal, used especially in the past on roofs and for pipes and also for protection against radiation

lead pipes 铅管

[ C or U ] (the narrow strip of) coloured material, usually black and made of graphite, in the centre of a pencil


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