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leapverb [ I + adv/prep ]

uk /liːp/ us /liːp/ leaped or leapt, leaped or leapt

leap verb [ I + adv/prep ] (MOVE SUDDENLY)

C2 to make a large jump or sudden movement, usually from one place to another

He leaped out of his car and ran towards the house. 他跳下车朝那所房子跑去。
I leaped up to answer the phone. 我跳起来去接电话。
The dog leaped over the gate into the field. 狗越过大门朝田野跑去。

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leap verb [ I + adv/prep ] (HAPPEN SUDDENLY)

to provide help, protection, etc. very quickly

He leaped to his friend's defence. 他立即为他的朋友进行辩护。
Scott leapt to the rescue when he spotted the youngster in difficulty. 斯科特一发现那孩子处境艰难就立即出手帮忙。
Mr Davies leaped in to explain. 戴维斯先生赶忙出来解释。

to achieve something suddenly, usually fame, power, or importance

He leapt to fame after his appearance in a Broadway play.

to increase, improve, or grow very quickly

Shares in the company leaped 250 percent. 公司的股票大涨250%。

Phrasal verb(s)

leapnoun [ C ]

uk /liːp/ us /liːp/

leap noun [ C ] (SUDDEN CHANGE)

C2 a big change, increase, or improvement

a leap in profits 利润激增
It takes quite a leap of the imagination to believe that it's the same person. 让人相信这是同一个人着实要费一番脑筋。

leap noun [ C ] (MOVEMENT)

a large jump or sudden movement

With one leap he crossed the stream. 他一跃跳过了小溪。

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