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levelnoun [ C ]

us uk /ˈlev.əl/

level noun [ C ] (HEIGHT)

B2 the height of something

The water level in the lake is much higher after heavy rain. 暴雨过后这个湖的水位上升了很多。

B2 the amount or number of something

Inflation is going to rise two percent from its present level. 通货膨胀率将比目前上涨2%。
Chess requires a very high level of concentration. 下棋需要注意力高度集中。
There is some danger of low level (= a continuing small amount of) radiation. 存在低剂量辐射的危险。

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level noun [ C ] (ABILITY)

A2 someone's ability compared to other people

a class for advanced level students 面向高级别学生的课程
Students at this level require a lot of help. 处于这种程度的学生需要大量的帮助。
The exam can be taken at three levels. 这种考试分为3个级别。

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level noun [ C ] (FLOOR)

a floor in a large building

The library has three levels, with a conference centre at ground level. 这个图书馆分三层,在一层有一个会议中心。
The exhibition is on level three of the building. 该展览在大厦的四层。

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level noun [ C ] (RANK)

C1 a position within a system in which people are arranged according to their importance

These are subjects for discussion at management level. 这些是管理层需要讨论的问题。
at local/national level

relating to a particular area of the country/the whole of the country

These sorts of policies are made at local level. 这些政策由当地部门制定。

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level noun [ C ] (TOOL)

US UK spirit level a tool that contains a tube of liquid with an air bubble in it, used to show if a surface is level



us uk /ˈlev.əl/

level adjective (AT SAME HEIGHT)

[ after verb ] at the same height

The top of the tree is level with his bedroom window. 那棵树的树顶和他寝室的窗户处于同一高度。

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level adjective (FLAT)

B2 flat or horizontal

Make sure the camera is level before you take the picture. 拍照前要保证相机处于水平位置。
Before I bang the nails in, would you say this picture was level? 在我把钉子敲进去之前,请帮我看看这幅画歪了没有?
level spoonful/cupful

an amount of a liquid or substance that fills a spoon/cup but does not go above the edges, used as a measure in cooking


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level adjective (EQUAL)

having the same value, amount, number of points, etc.

Pieretti would have to win the next three stages in order to draw level with (= reach the same position as) Le Sage in the Tour de France. 基亚普齐必须在此次环法自行车赛后面的3个赛段中取胜才能赶上因杜拉因。
mainly UK The unions are fighting to keep wages level (US usually even) with inflation. 工会正在争取工资与通货膨胀率保持同步增长。

level adjective (CONTROLLED)

[ before noun ] If you speak in a level voice or give someone a level look, you do it in a calm and controlled way.

In a level voice, he ordered the soldiers to aim and fire. 他语调平静地命令士兵们瞄准射击。

levelverb [ T ]

us uk /ˈlev.əl/ -ll- or US usually -l-

level verb [ T ] (MAKE FLAT)

to make a surface flat

Level the wet cement before it sets. 在水泥凝固前把它抹平。

level verb [ T ] (DESTROY)

to completely destroy a building or area

The bombing levelled the village. 那次轰炸已将村庄夷为平地。

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