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uk /ˈlaɪ us /ˈlaɪ

lightly adverb (GENTLY)

B1 gently

She patted him lightly on the shoulder. 她轻轻地拍了拍他的肩膀。

C1 If food is lightly cooked, it is cooked for only a short time.

lightly cooked vegetables 烧得很嫩的蔬菜

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lightly adverb (NOT SERIOUSLY)

If you say something lightly, you are not serious when you say it.

"Anyway, it won't affect me because I'm leaving," she said lightly. “不管怎么说,这对我都没什么影响,因为我就要走了,”她很轻松地说。
not do sth lightly

C2 If something is not said or treated lightly, it is said or treated in a serious way, after great thought.

Accusations like these from a top minister are not made lightly. 高级部长提出这样的指控不可等闲视之。

lightly adverb (NOT SEVERELY)

get off lightly; let sb off lightly

to be punished or to punish someone less severely than might have been expected

I think he got off quite lightly considering it's his third driving offence. 这已经是他第3次违法驾驶了,我觉得对他罚得太轻了。

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