Translation of "likely" - English-Mandarin Chinese dictionary


adjective uk us /ˈlaɪ.kli/

describes something that will probably happen or is expected

Do remind me because I'm likely to forget. 一定要提醒我,因为我可能会忘记。
What's the likely outcome of this whole business? 整个事件可能会出现什么结果?
I suppose that might happen but it's not very likely. 我认为那样的事也许会发生,但可能性不大。
[ + that ] It's quite likely that we'll be in Spain this time next year. 明年的这个时候我们很可能会在西班牙。
informal "Do you want to join me on a ten-mile run?" "Not likely (= certainly not)!" 你想和我一起参加一个10英里赛跑吗?”“不可能!”
→ Opposite unlikely
as likely/like as not


As likely as not, she'll end up in court over this problem. 关于这个问题她最终很可能会诉诸法律。

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