Translation of "limit" - English-Mandarin Chinese dictionary


noun uk us /ˈlɪm.ɪt/

[ C ] the greatest amount, number or level of something that is either possible or allowed

Is there a limit on the amount of money you can claim? 你能索赔到的金额有上限吗?
I think we ought to put a strict limit on the amount of time we can spend on the project. 我认为我们应该严格限制在这个项目上的时间投入。
There's a limit to the number of times I can stop what I'm doing just so I can help him! 我可以停下手里的活儿帮他的忙,但不能帮个没完,总要有个限度!
We set a time limit of thirty minutes for the test. 我们把测验的时间限定为30分钟。

[ U ] informal the amount of something that is enough and not too much

Three martini cocktails are my limit. 我最多能喝3杯马丁尼鸡尾酒。
I won't have any more - I know my limit! 我不能再喝了——我知道自己的酒量!
the limit old-fashioned informal

something that is very annoying or not convenient

And now you're cutting your toenails in bed! - That really is the limit! 你竟然在床上剪脚趾甲!——真是太过分了!

the largest amount of alcohol that is legally allowed to be present in the blood while a person is driving a vehicle

She was definitely driving over the limit. 她开车时体内酒精含量肯定超标了。
limits [ plural ]


I'd like to play squash, but I'm sixty and I know my limits. 我想打壁球,不过我已经60岁了,知道自己有多少体力。
His genius knows no limits. 他的天资无可限量。
The pay rise was in excess of spending limits imposed/set by the government. 加薪幅度超出了政府规定的开支限度。

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