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uk /laɪn/ us /laɪn/

line noun (LONG MARK)

A2 [ C ] a long, thin mark on the surface of something

a straight line 直线
Sign your name on the dotted line. 请在虚线处签名。
She was very old and her face was covered with lines. 她已非常年迈,脸上布满了皱纹。
My legs felt all wobbly when I stood up and I couldn't walk in a straight line (= walk without moving to the side while moving forward). 我站起来时觉得腿直打颤,走起路来左右摇晃。

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line noun (ROW)

C2 [ C ] a group of people or things arranged in a row

a line of trees 一行树
The prisoners formed a line against the wall. 犯人靠墙站成了一排。

[ C ] US UK queue a group of people standing one behind the other who are waiting for something

Just get in line and wait your turn like everyone else. 和别人一样排队等着去。
I had to wait/stand in line for three hours to get tickets. 我排了3个小时的队才买到票。
a long line of

a series of people or things that follow each other in time

She is the latest in a long line of controversial leaders. 她最近刚成为一系列颇具争议的领导者之一。
He comes from a long line of doctors (= a lot of his relatives were doctors before him). 他出身医生世家。

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line noun (DIVISION)

C2 [ C ] a long, thin and sometimes imaginary mark that forms the edge, border, or limit of something

That ball was definitely in! It was nowhere near the line! 那个球绝对是界内!离边线还远着呢!
The police couldn't arrest him because he'd fled across the state line. 警方无法逮捕他,因为他已经逃过了国界。
For many television viewers the dividing line between fact and fiction is becoming increasingly blurred. 在许多电视观众看来,事实与虚构之间的界限已经越来越模糊了。

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line noun (PHONE)

B2 [ C ] a connection to a phone system

I'm afraid your line's been disconnected because your last bill hasn't been paid. 我估计你的电话线已经被切断了,因为上次的账单你还没付呢。
If you want to air your opinions live on the radio, the lines will be open (= you can phone) from eight o'clock. 如果你想通过电台广播发表自己的看法,可从8点起拨打电话。
I've got Chris Foster on the line for you. Do you want to take it now or call her back later? 克丽丝‧福斯特打电话找你。你想现在接电话还是过一会儿给她打回去?
formal Please hold the line (= wait). I'll see if she's available. 请等一下。我看她在不在。

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line noun (RAILWAY)

B1 [ C ] (the route followed by) a railway track

The train was delayed, apparently due to leaves on the line. 火车显然因为铁路线上的落叶而晚点了。
The Northern Line is the worst on the London Underground. 北线是伦敦地铁最糟糕的线路。
Mainline services can be very quick, but travelling on the branch lines is much slower. 乘坐干线火车速度很快,但支线就慢得多了。

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C2 [ C ] a way of dealing with or thinking about something or someone

The government's official line has always been to refuse to negotiate with terrorists. 政府的官方立场一贯是拒绝与恐怖分子谈判。
The courts should take a tougher line with (= punish more severely) sex offenders. 法庭应对性犯罪者实施更加严厉的惩罚。
Several Labour MPs disagree with their party's line on taxation. 几名工党议员对该党的税收政策持不同意见。
What sort of line (= method of arguing) do you think we should take in the pay negotiations? 你认为我们在工资谈判中应采取哪种策略?
The police are confident that this new line of inquiry will lead them to the murderer. 警方相信采用这种新的调查方法一定会找出凶手。
It seems inevitable that the country will be divided along ethnic lines. 那个国家似乎无法避免民族分裂的命运。

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line noun (MILITARY)

C2 [ C ] a row of positions used to defend against enemy attack, especially the ones closest to enemy positions

They were taken prisoner while on a reconnaissance mission behind enemy lines. 他们是在敌后执行侦察任务时被俘的。
figurative In a game of football, the goalkeeper is the last line of defence. 在足球比赛中,守门员是最后一道防线。

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line noun (SHAPE)

[ C ] the shape of something that has been designed or created

They have a reputation for designing cars with elegant aerodynamic lines. 他们以设计优雅的流线型汽车而享有盛誉。

line noun (SUPPORT)

[ C ] a long, strong, thin piece of material, such as string, rope, or wire, used to support something

I'd hung the washing out on the clothes line. 我会把洗好的衣物晾在晾衣绳上。
Can you feel the fish tugging on the line? 你能感觉到鱼在钓线上挣扎吗?

line noun (COMPANY)

[ C ] a company that transports people or goods

a shipping line 海运公司

line noun (REMARK)

[ C ] a remark that is intended to entertain, persuade, or deceive

a speech full of memorable lines 令人难忘的讲话
He keeps giving me that line about not being able to do any work because his computer is down. 他不停地跟我说因为电脑有问题他没法干活了。
Who was it who came up with that famous line about "lies, damned lies and statistics?" “谎言,可恶的谎言和数据”这句名言是谁说的?

line noun (WORDS)

B1 [ C ] a row of words that form part of a text

We could get more lines on the page if we reduced the type size. 如果把字号调小一点,我们就可以在这一页上多加几行字。
The computer screen displays 80 characters per line. 计算机屏幕每行可显示80个字符。

[ C usually plural ] the words that an actor speaks when performing in a film, play, etc.

I only had two lines in the whole play. 在整出戏中我只有两句台词。
She hasn't learned her lines yet, and we've got our first rehearsal tomorrow. 我们明天就要进行首次排练了,可她连台词还没记熟呢。
I'm terrified of forgetting my lines. 我特别害怕忘词。
lines [ plural ] UK

a punishment for school students in which a sentence has to be written repeatedly

She got 200 lines for swearing at her teacher. 她因辱骂老师被罚抄写200遍。

line noun (MUSIC)

[ C ] a short series of musical notes


line noun (JOB)

[ C usually singular ] the type of job someone does

"What line of work are you in?" "I'm a teacher." “你是干哪一行的?”“我是老师。”
You meet some very interesting people in my line of business. 干我这行可以遇到一些非常有趣的人。

line noun (GOODS)

C1 [ C ] a range of similar things that are for sale

There are discounts on many items from our older lines. 我们这里的很多旧货都打折。
I was shown all their new lines. 他们给我看了他们所有的新货。

lineverb [ T ]

uk /laɪn/ us /laɪn/

line verb [ T ] (FORM ROW)

C2 to form a row along the side of something

Thousands of people lined the streets to watch the presidential procession pass by. 数千人站在街道两旁观看总统车队通过。
Police lined the route of the demonstration. 警察站在游行路线的两侧。
country lanes lined with trees 乡村林阴路

line verb [ T ] (COVER)

to cover the inside surface of something

I lined the drawers with old wallpaper. 我用旧墙纸垫抽屉。
How much would it cost to have this jacket lined? 给这件夹克衫做个内衬需要多少钱?
Full-length mirrors lined each wall of the bathroom. 洗手间的每一面墙上都挂着全身镜。

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