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uk /ˈlɪt.ər/ us /ˈlɪt̬.ɚ/

litter noun (RUBBISH)

B2 [ U ] small pieces of rubbish that have been left lying on the ground in public places

About two percent of fast-food packaging ends up as litter. 约有2%的快餐包装会被人当作垃圾随手扔掉。

litter noun (BABY ANIMALS)

[ C, + sing/pl verb ] a group of animals that are born at the same time and have the same mother

a litter of kittens 一窝小猫

litter noun (BED)

[ U ] dried grass or plant stems used by animals as a bed


litter noun (ANIMAL TOILET)

[ U ] a substance that is put in a container to be used as a toilet by pets

cat/pet litter 猫沙


uk /ˈlɪt.ər/ us /ˈlɪt̬.ɚ/

[ T ] to spread across an area or place untidily

The park was littered with bottles and cans after the concert. 音乐会结束后,公园里到处都是被人丢弃的瓶瓶罐罐。
Dirty clothes littered the floor of her bedroom. 她的卧室地板上到处都是脏衣服。
be littered with sth

A place, document, or other object that is littered with something has or contains a lot of that thing.

The newspaper has a reputation for being littered with spelling mistakes. 该报错字连篇,尽人皆知。

[ I ] to drop rubbish on the ground in a public place

People who litter often have no pride in the area. 随地乱扔垃圾的人没有地区荣誉感。

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