Translation of "lobby" - English-Mandarin Chinese dictionary


verb [ I or T ] uk us /ˈlɒb.i/ US  /ˈlɑː.bi/

to try to persuade a politician, the government or an official group that a particular thing should or should not happen, or that a law should be changed

Small businesses have lobbied hard for/against changes in the tax laws. 小公司极力游说支持/反对修改税法。
[ + to infinitive ] Local residents lobbied to have the factory shut down. 当地居民极力要求关闭该工厂。
[ + obj + to infinitive ] They have been lobbying Congress to change the legislation concerning guns. 他们一直在游说国会修改涉枪法律。

(Translation of “lobby verb” from the Cambridge English-Chinese (Simplified) Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)