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uk /lɒdʒ/ us /lɑːdʒ/

lodge verb (COMPLAIN)

lodge a claim, complaint, protest, etc.

to make an official complaint about something

The US lodged a formal protest against the arrest of the foreign reporters. 美国就外国记者被捕一事提出正式抗议。
Lawyers said last night that they would be lodging an appeal against the sentence. 昨晚李的律师说他们将对此项判决提起上诉。

lodge verb (STUCK)

[ I or T, usually + adv/prep ] to (cause to) become stuck in a place or position

A fish bone had lodged in her throat. 一根鱼刺卡在她的喉咙里。

lodge verb (STORE)

[ T usually + adv/prep ] mainly UK formal to put something in a safe place

You should lodge a copy of the letter with your solicitor. 你应该将这封信的一份复印件交给律师保管。

lodge verb (STAY)

[ I usually + adv/prep ] formal to pay rent to stay somewhere

She lodged with Mrs Higgins when she first came to Cambridge. 她第一次来剑桥时借宿在希金斯太太家里。


uk /lɒdʒ/ us /lɑːdʒ/

lodge noun (SMALL BUILDING)

[ C ] a small house in the country, used especially by people on holiday or taking part in sports, or one on land belonging to a large house

a ski/hunting lodge 滑雪度假/狩猎租用的小屋

[ C ] the place where a beaver lives


[ C ] US a wigwam


lodge noun (GROUP)

[ C, + sing/pl verb ] a local group of an organization such as the Freemasons

a Masonic Lodge 共济会分会

lodge noun (ROOM)

[ C ] UK the room used by a person whose job is to be at the entrance to a large building such as a hotel or college in order to help people

the porter's lodge 看门人的门房

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