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uk /lɒŋ/ us /lɑːŋ/

long adjective (TIME)

A1 continuing for a large amount of time

a long film/meeting 很长的电影/会议
I've been waiting a long time. 我已经等了很久了。
It's a long time since I worked there. 我不在那里工作已经很久了。
Apparently the sessions are an hour long. 显然这些会议都长达1个小时。

More examples

  • Passengers could face long delays.
  • She had a long career in films.
  • She gave him a long, lingering kiss.
  • They had a long and happy marriage.
  • After a long, awkward pause someone asked a question.

long adjective (DISTANCE)

A1 being a distance between two points that is more than average or usual

long hair 长发
long legs 长腿
a long dress 长裙
There was a long queue at the post office. 邮局里排起了长队。
We're still a long way from the station. 我们离车站还很远。

More examples

  • He noticed her long delicate fingers.
  • It's a heck of a long way to the nearest shop from here.
  • I love going on long journeys.
  • There's a long flight of steps ascending to the cathedral doors.
  • The island has long golden beaches fringed by palm trees.

long adjective (MANY WORDS)

A2 used to describe a piece of writing that has a lot of pages or words

a long letter/book/report 长信/大部头的书/长篇报告

More examples

  • I got a lovely long newsy letter from Bec.
  • His speech was long and dull.
  • He is well known to the police and has a long criminal record .
  • Your conclusion is good, but the final sentence is too long and complicated.
  • It gives you a sense of achievement if you actually make it to the end of a very long book.


uk /lɒŋ/ us /lɑːŋ/

long adverb (TIME)

A2 used to mean "(for) a long time", especially in questions and negative sentences

Have you been waiting (for) long? 你等了很久吗?
I'm just writing a letter but it won't take long. 我在写信,很快就写完了。
How long have you been in England? 你在英格兰呆多久了?
Don't rush - take as long as you like. 别着急——慢慢来。
We've been walking all day long. 我们走了整整一天。
I've known her longer than you have. 我认识她的时间比你长。
I won't be staying much longer. 我不会呆很久。

used with the past participle or the -ing form of the verb to mean that a state or activity has continued for a long time

(与过去分词或动词的 ing 形式连用表示持续了很久的状态或活动)
a long-awaited letter 期盼已久的来信
long-serving employees 老雇员

More examples

  • So how long have you been married to Nicky?
  • Changes to the tax system are long overdue.
  • How long did Queen Victoria reign?
  • He's been single so long now, I don't think he'll ever marry.
  • I do apologize - my train was delayed. I hope you haven't been waiting long.

long adverb (IF)

as/so long as

More examples

  • Windsurfing is perfectly safe as long as you use some common sense.
  • So long as he's happy - that's all that matters .
  • Goods are exchangeable as long as they are returned in good condition.
  • I don't foresee any difficulties so long as we keep within budget.
  • I don't mind being woken up once or twice in the middle of the night by my flatmate so long as she doesn't make a habit of it .

B1 used to say that something must happen before something else can happen

I can come as long as I can leave by 4.00. 只要我能在4点钟之前出发,我就能来。
Bring your friends by all means - just so long as I know how many are coming. 一定要把你的朋友们带来——只要让我知道来多少人就行。


uk /lɒŋ/ us /lɑːŋ/ formal
long for sth; long to do sth

C2 to want something very much

She longed to see him again. 她很想再见到他。
I'm longing for news of him. 我正在盼望着得到他的消息。


uk /lɒŋ/ us /lɑːŋ/

written abbreviation for longitude


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