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loomverb [ I ]

uk /luːm/ us /luːm/

loom verb [ I ] (APPEAR)

C2 to appear as a large, often frightening or unclear shape or object

Dark storm clouds loomed on the horizon. 天边隐约出现了一团团的乌云。

loom verb [ I ] (CAUSE WORRY)

C2 If an unwanted or unpleasant event looms, it seems likely to happen soon and causes worry.

Her final exams are looming. 考试日益逼近,她非常担心。
Here, too, the threat of unemployment has been looming on the horizon. 另外还有失业的威胁在逼近,令人忧虑。
The threat of closure looms over the workforce. 工厂可能关闭,令工人们焦虑不安。


loomnoun [ C ]

uk /luːm/ us /luːm/

a piece of equipment for weaving (= making thread into cloth)


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