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uk /luːs/ us /luːs/

loose adjective (NOT FASTENED)

B2 not firmly held or fastened in place

There were some loose wires hanging out of the wall. 墙上搭着几根没有接好的电线。
The nails in the wall had worked themselves loose. 桥上的钉子已经松动了。
The prisoners were so thin that their skin hung loose. 囚犯们瘦得很厉害,身上的皮肤都松垮垮地垂着。

B2 Loose hair is not tied back.

Her hair was hanging loose to her shoulders. 她长发垂肩。

Loose things are not held together or attached to anything else.

A few loose sheets of paper were lying around. 几张纸散落在地板上。

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loose adjective (NOT TIGHT)

B1 (of clothes) not fitting closely to the body

Wear comfortable, loose clothing to your exercise class. 上体育课的时候要穿些舒适宽松的衣服。

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loose adjective (NOT EXACT)

C2 not tightly controlled, or not exact

It's a fairly loose adaptation of the novel. 它是根据小说的大致内容改编而成的。
It's only a loose translation of the poem. 这只是那首诗的不准确的译文。

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loose adjective (IMMORAL)

old-fashioned disapproving having low morals; sexually free

a loose woman 荡妇

looseverb [ T ]

uk /luːs/ us /luːs/

to speak or express emotions very freely, especially in an uncontrolled way

The coach loosed an angry tirade against his team. 部长发表了一篇长篇演说,愤怒地对反对党领袖进行了猛烈抨击。

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