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lumpnoun [ C ]

uk /lʌmp/ us /lʌmp/

lump noun [ C ] (PIECE)

C2 a piece of a solid substance, usually with no particular shape

a lump of coal 一块煤
a sugar lump 糖块
You don't want lumps in the sauce. 谁都不希望调料汁中出现结块。

UK informal a separate large amount

I'll be getting the insurance money in two lumps. 我将获得的保险金有两大部分。

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lump noun [ C ] (IN THE BODY)

a hard swelling found in or on the body, especially because of illness or injury

She found a lump in her breast. 她在胸部发现了一个肿块。

lump noun [ C ] (PERSON)

informal a heavy, awkward, stupid person

Come on, you great lump - get up from that sofa and do some work! 快起来,大笨猪,别看电视了,干点活。


uk /lʌmp/ us /lʌmp/ informal
lump it

to accept a situation or decision although you do not like it

The decision has been made, so if Tom doesn't like it, he can lump it. 已经决定了,所以即便汤姆不愿意,他也只能接受了。

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