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machinenoun [ C ]

uk /məˈʃiːn/ us /məˈʃiːn/

machine noun [ C ] (PIECE OF EQUIPMENT)

A2 a piece of equipment with several moving parts that uses power to do a particular type of work

The different sizes of eggs are sorted by a machine. 鸡蛋由机器按大小分捡。
If I'm not home when you call, leave a message on the machine (= answering machine). 如打电话时我不在家,请在答录机上留言。
Don't forget to put the towels in the machine (= washing machine) before you go out. 出去前别忘了将毛巾放到洗衣机里。
I got some chocolate from a vending machine. 我从售货机里买了些巧克力。

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machine noun [ C ] (COMPUTER)

a computer

You'll need a powerful machine for editing videos. 你需要一台功能强大的电脑来编辑图像。

machine noun [ C ] (VEHICLE)

informal a vehicle, often a motorcycle

approving That's a mean (= powerful) machine you've got there, Bill. 比尔,你的摩托车马力可够大的。

machine noun [ C ] (GROUP OF PEOPLE)

a group of people who control and organize something

Churchill's war machine 丘吉尔的战争机器
The party machine has swung into action with its preparation for the election. 政党机器已开始为选举做准备。
It's now up to the government's propaganda machine to restore the leader's image. 现在要靠政府的宣传机器来修复首相的形象。

machineverb [ T ]

uk /məˈʃiːn/ us /məˈʃiːn/

to sew cloth with a sewing machine

I've almost finished making the curtains - I just have to machine the hem. 窗帘我已经做得差不多了——只需用缝纫机缝一下边。

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