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make sth up

phrasal verb with make uk /meɪk/ us /meɪk/ verb made, made


B2 to invent something, such as an excuse or a story, often in order to deceive

I made up an excuse about having to look after the kids. 我编造了个借口,说必须照看小孩。
My dad was always really good at making up stories. 我爸爸一直很善于编故事。

More examples

  • They made up an excuse not to go to the meeting.
  • She told us stories about her family, but they were all made up.
  • There was no fire - he made it all up.
  • If you can't think what to write, just make something up.
  • I made up a few words about his role in the company.


to prepare or arrange something by putting different things together

Could you make up a list of all the things that need to be done? 你能否将要做的所有事情列张清单?
He asked the man behind the counter to make up a box with a selection of chocolates. 他让售货员拼凑了一盒各式各样的巧克力。
The maid will make up your room later. 服务员稍后将整理您的房间。

specialized fabrics to produce or prepare something from cloth

We could use the rest of the material to make up some curtains. 我们可以用剩下的布料做些窗帘。

specialized publishing If you make up a page, book, or newspaper, you arrange the text and pictures in the form in which they will be printed.


If you make up a bed for someone, you put sheets and covers on a bed so that they have a place to sleep in your home.


UK If you make up a fire, you prepare it or put more wood or coal on it when it is burning.



to make an amount of something complete or correct

I have £20,000 and I need £25,000 but my parents have promised to make up the difference. 我有2万英镑,而我需要2.5万英镑,不过父母答应帮我凑齐。
UK I suspect we were only invited to make up numbers (= to provide enough people). 我怀疑我们只是被邀请来充数的。


to reduce or replace something, usually an amount of time or work, that has been lost

We're hoping to make up time on the return journey by not stopping at night. 我们希望回程途中通宵赶路,以弥补失去的时间。
You'll have to make up the work you missed while you were away. 你必须补上缺勤落下的工作。

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