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make up

also UK make it up
phrasal verb with make uk /meɪk/ us /meɪk/ verb made, made

to forgive someone and be friendly with them again after an argument or disagreement

They kissed and made up, as usual. 像往常一样,他们亲吻和好了。
UK We often quarrel but we always make it up soon after. 我们常吵架,但总是很快就和好了。

make-upnoun [ U ]

uk /ˈmeɪk.ʌp/ us /ˈmeɪk.ʌp/

make-up noun [ U ] (FOR FACE)

A2 coloured substances used on your face to improve or change your appearance

I put on a little eye make-up. 我在眼部上了淡妆。
She wears a lot of make-up. 她化的妆很浓。
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make-up noun [ U ] (PARTS)

The make-up of something or someone is the combination of things that form it.

They argue that the membership of the Council does not reflect the racial make-up of the city. 他们争辩说议会的成员结构并未反映出这座城市的种族构成。
Organizational ability is not one of the most obvious parts of his make-up. 组织才能并不是他各项素质中最突出的部分。

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