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uk /ˈmær.i/ us /ˈmer.i/

marry verb (TWO PEOPLE)

B1 [ I or T ] to become the legally accepted husband or wife of someone in an official or religious ceremony

Men tend to marry later than women. 男性成婚往往晚于女性。
Paul married Lucy four years ago. 保罗4年前和露西结婚了。
They don't have any plans to marry at present. 他们目前没打算结婚。

[ T ] to perform the ceremony of marriage as a priest or official

The royal couple were married by the Archbishop of Canterbury . 这对新人的婚礼是由坎特伯雷大主教主持的。

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marry verb (COMBINE)

to combine two different qualities

a design which marries fun with function 融娱乐性、功能性为一体的设计

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