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matenoun [ C ]

uk /meɪt/ us /meɪt/

mate noun [ C ] (SEXUAL PARTNER)

an animal's sexual partner

Peacocks use their beautiful tails to attract mates. 孔雀用美丽的尾巴来吸引配偶。

mate noun [ C ] (FRIEND)

B1 UK informal a friend

We've been mates since our school days. 我们从学生时代起就是朋友。
I usually go out with some of my mates from the office on Saturdays.
She's my best mate. 她是我最好的朋友。

[ as form of address ] UK informal used as a friendly way of talking to someone, especially a man

Have you got the time, mate?

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mate noun [ C ] (HELPER)

UK a person who is employed to help a skilled worker

a carpenter's/plumber's mate 木工/管道工的助手

mate noun [ C ] (SHIP)

a type of officer on a trading ship rather than a military ship

He had worked as a ship's mate for ten years. 他当了10年的大副。

mateverb [ I or T ]

uk /meɪt/ us /meɪt/

to have sex and produce young, or to make animals do this

Tigers mate repeatedly over a period of several days. 老虎在几天里多次交配。
Mating a horse with a donkey produces a mule. 马和驴交配后生出骡子。



uk / -meɪt/ us / -meɪt/

used to show that two people share a space or are involved in the same activity

flat mate 合住一套公寓的室友
team-mate 队友
workmate 同事

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