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uk /məˈtɪə.ri.əl/ us /məˈtɪr.i.əl/

material noun (PHYSICAL SUBSTANCE)

B2 [ C ] a physical substance that things can be made from

building materials, such as stone 建筑材料,如石头
Crude oil is used as the raw (= basic) material for making plastics. 原油被用作制造塑料的原料。

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material noun (INFORMATION)

B1 [ C or U ] information used when writing something such as a book, or information produced in various forms to help people or to advertise products

I'm in the process of collecting material for an article that I'm writing. 我正在为所写的一篇文章收集素材。

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material noun (CLOTH)

B1 [ C or U ] cloth that can be used to make things such as clothes

How much material will you need to make the skirt? 做这条裙子你需要多少布料?

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material noun (EQUIPMENT)

materials B1 [ plural ]

equipment that you need for a particular activity

"Do we need any writing materials?" "Only a pen and a pencil." “我们需要什么文具吗?”“只要一只钢笔和一只铅笔就行。”
teaching materials 教具


uk /məˈtɪə.ri.əl/ us /məˈtɪr.i.əl/

material adjective (PHYSICAL)

relating to physical objects or money rather than emotions or the spiritual world

the material world 物质世界
Material wealth never interested her. 物质财富从未引起过她的兴趣。

material adjective (IMPORTANT)

formal important or having an important effect

If you have any information that is material to the investigation, you should state it now. 如果你掌握了对这次调查很重要的什么线索,现在就应该说出来。

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