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uk /məˈtʃʊər/ us /məˈtʊr/

mature adjective (LIKE AN ADULT)

B2 Mature people behave like adults in a way that shows they are well developed emotionally.

He's very mature for his age. 就他的年纪而言,他已非常成熟。

A mature decision is one that is made after a lot of careful thought.

Upon mature reflection, we find the accused guilty. 经过慎重考虑,我们认定被告有罪。

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mature adjective (PHYSICALLY GROWN)

completely grown physically

a mature adult 成年人
sexually mature 性成熟的
Mature male gorillas have silver-grey hairs on their backs. 成年雄性大猩猩背部有银灰色毛发。
mature oak trees 成年橡树

mature adjective (FOOD)

having a flavour that is completely developed

Do you prefer mild or mature cheddar? 切达干酪你喜欢味淡的还是味浓的?

mature adjective (FINANCE)

specialized finance & economics A mature investment is ready to be paid.



uk /məˈtʃʊər/ us /məˈtʊr/

mature verb (DEVELOP MENTALLY)

[ I or T ] to become more developed mentally and emotionally and behave in a responsible way

Girls are said to mature faster than boys. 据说女孩比男孩成熟快。
He matured a lot while he was in college. 他在大学期间成熟了很多。

[ I ] If ideas, opinions, etc. mature, they reach an advanced or developed state.

It took several years for her ideas to mature. 她的想法经过几年才酝酿成熟。

mature verb (GROW PHYSICALLY)

[ I ] to become completely grown physically

Humans take longer to mature than most other animals. 比起大多数动物,人类要经过更长的时间才能发育成熟。

mature verb (FOOD)

[ I or T ] to allow food and wine to become old enough for the flavour to develop completely

The wine has been matured in oak vats. 葡萄酒已在橡木桶中发酵成熟。
The cheese is left to mature for two years. 为使之发酵成熟,这些干酪被放置两年。

mature verb (FINANCE)

[ I ] specialized finance & economics If an insurance agreement or an investment matures, it becomes ready to be paid.

The policy matures after 15 years. 这张保险单15年后到期。

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