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uk /ˈmæk.sɪ.məm/ us /ˈmæk.sə.məm/

B1 being the largest amount or number allowed or possible

maximum speed/effort/temperature 最高速度/最大努力/最高温度
The bomb was designed to cause the maximum amount of damage. 设计这种炸弹是为了造成最大程度的破坏。

More examples

  • The judge made an example of him and gave him the maximum possible sentence.
  • The maximum penalty for the offence is a $1000 fine.
  • The maximum load for this elevator is eight persons.
  • With this insurance policy there is a maximum payout of £2500.
  • The pillars, which are outside the building, are so placed in order to provide the maximum space inside.

maximumnoun [ C usually singular ]

uk /ˈmæk.sɪ.məm/ us /ˈmæk.sə.məm/ plural maxima maximums

B1 the largest amount allowed or possible

The temperature will reach a maximum of 27°C today. 今天最高气温将达27摄氏度。

More examples

  • Panellists on the Arts Review Board serve for a maximum of three years.
  • We drove at 60 miles per hour, which is the maximum allowed.
  • We can accommodate a maximum of 20 people.
  • You can spend a maximum of £100.
  • I had four drinks, which was the maximum allowed.

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