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uk /miˈæn.dər/ us /miˈæn.dɚ/

meander verb (RIVER/ROAD)

[ I ] If a river, stream, or road meanders, it follows a route that is not straight or direct.


meander verb (WALK)

[ I usually + adv/prep ] to walk slowly without any clear direction

We spent the afternoon meandering around the streets of the old town. 我们一下午都在古镇的街道上闲逛。

meander verb (NO PURPOSE)

[ I ] If a text, process, or activity meanders, it has no clear purpose or direction.

The film meanders along with no particular story line. 影片不着边际地展开着,没有明确的故事线索。

meandernoun [ C ]

uk /miˈæn.dər/ us /miˈæn.dɚ/

meander noun [ C ] (RIVER)

a curve of a river or stream


meander noun [ C ] (JOURNEY)

a journey that has no particular direction

The TV series continues its haphazard meander around the globe - this week in Portugal. 这部电视系列片将继续其行踪不定的环球之旅——这周的目的地是葡萄牙。

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