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uk /miːt/ us /miːt/ met, met

meet verb (FOR THE FIRST TIME)

A1 [ T or I ] to see and talk to someone for the first time

They met at work. 他们是在工作时认识的。
I met her in Hawaii. 我在夏威夷认识了她。
Would you like to meet my sister? 你愿意认识一下我姐姐吗?
Come and meet (= be introduced to) my friend Laura. 来,认识一下我的朋友劳拉。

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meet verb (COME TOGETHER)

A1 [ I or T ] to come together with someone intentionally

Lorraine and I meet for lunch once a month. 我和洛兰每月见一次面吃午饭。
We agreed to meet on Tuesday to discuss the project. 我们同意星期二见面讨论这一项目。
The children's club meets every Thursday afternoon. 儿童俱乐部每星期四下午集合。
They're meeting with their advisers to draw up a new plan. 他们正与顾问会面来制订一项新计划。
The president met the UK prime minister in London yesterday.

A1 [ T or I ] to come together with someone without intending to

It's always awkward when you meet someone you know but you can't remember their name. 遇到你认识的人但却记不起他们的名字总会让人很尴尬。
Guess who I met in town today. 猜猜今天我在城里遇到了谁。
We met our old neighbours at an auction last Saturday. 我们在上周六的拍卖会上遇到了老邻居。

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meet verb (SATISFY)

C1 [ T ] to fulfil, satisfy, or achieve

The workers' demands for higher pay were not met by the management. 管理层没有满足工人们增加工资的要求。
We haven't yet been able to find a house that meets our needs/requirements. 我们还没能找到符合我们需要/要求的房子。
They will only agree to sign the contract if certain conditions are met. 只有某些条件得到了满足,他们才会同意签合同。
Do you think we will be able to meet our deadline/target? 你认为我们能如期完成/达到目标吗?

[ T ] to pay

The company has agreed to meet all our expenses. 公司已同意支付我们所有的费用。

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meet verb (PLACE)

B1 [ T ] to wait at a place for someone or something to arrive

Will you meet me at the airport (= be there when the aircraft arrives)? 你到机场接我好吗?

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meet verb (TOUCH)

[ I or T ] to touch or join something

There's a large crack where the ceiling meets the wall. 天花板与墙壁相连的地方有个大裂缝。
The curtains don't quite meet. 窗帘拉不太拢。
The horizon is the line where the sky meets the earth. 在小巷与大路汇合处向左转。

meet verb (EXPERIENCE)

[ T ] to experience something

I've never met that kind of problem/system before. 我以前从没遇到过那种问题/制度。
He met his death (= he died) in the icy waters of the South Atlantic. 他死于南大西洋冰冷的海水中。

meetnoun [ C ]

uk /miːt/ us /miːt/

US a sports event

a track/swim meet 田径运动会/游泳比赛
the first meet of the season 本赛季的第一场比赛

UK an occasion when people go fox hunting


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