Translation of "meet" - English-Mandarin Chinese dictionary


verb [ I or T ] (COME TOGETHER) 到一起 uk us /miːt/ (met)

to come together with someone intentionally

Lorraine and I meet for lunch once a month. 我和洛兰每月见一次面吃午饭。
We agreed to meet on Tuesday to discuss the project. 我们同意星期二见面讨论这一项目。
The children's club meets every Thursday afternoon. 儿童俱乐部每星期四下午集合。
They're meeting with their advisers to work out a new plan. 他们正与顾问会面来制订一项新计划。

to come together with someone without intending to

It's always awkward when you meet someone you know, but you can't remember their name. 遇到你认识的人但却记不起他们的名字总会让人很尴尬。
Guess who I met in town today. 猜猜今天我在城里遇到了谁。
We met our old neighbours at an auction last Saturday. 我们在上周六的拍卖会上遇到了老邻居。

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