Translation of "meet" - English-Mandarin Chinese dictionary


verb [ T ] (SATISFY) 满足 uk us /miːt/ (met)

to fulfil, satisfy, or achieve

The workers' demands for higher pay were not met by the management. 管理层没有满足工人们增加工资的要求。
We haven't yet been able to find a house that meets our needs/requirements. 我们还没能找到符合我们需要/要求的房子。
They will only agree to sign the contract if certain conditions are met. 只有某些条件得到了满足,他们才会同意签合同。
Do you think we will be able to meet our deadline/target? 你认为我们能如期完成/达到目标吗?

to pay

The company has agreed to meet all our expenses. 公司已同意支付我们所有的费用。

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