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mightmodal verb

uk /maɪt/ us /maɪt/

might modal verb (MAY)

past simple of the verb may, used especially when reporting what someone has said, thought, asked, etc.

(may 的过去式)可能,可以
I brought him some sandwiches because I thought he might be hungry. 我给他拿了些三明治,因为我想他可能饿了。
Very politely the little boy asked if he might have another piece of cake (= he said "May I have another piece of cake, please?"). 小男孩非常礼貌地问他可否再吃一块蛋糕。

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might modal verb (POSSIBILITY)

A2 used to express the possibility that something will happen or be done, or that something is true although not very likely

I might come and visit you next year, if I can save enough money. 如果我能存下足够的钱,明年我也许会来美国看你。
Don't go any closer - it might be dangerous/it might not be safe. 别再走近了——那可能很危险/不安全。
Driving so fast, he might have had a nasty accident (= it could have happened but it did not). 他开得这么快,早就可能出大事的。
The rain might have stopped by now. 现在雨也许已停了。

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might modal verb (PERMISSION)

mainly UK formal US old-fashioned used as a more polite form of may when asking for permission

(用于请求许可,语气较 may 更婉转)可以,能
Might I ask a question? 我能问个问题吗?
I wonder if I might have a quick look at your newspaper? 我想能否看一下你的报纸?

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might modal verb (SUGGESTION)

C1 used to make a suggestion or suggest a possibility in a polite way

You might try a little more basil in the sauce next time. 下次你可以试着在调味汁里多加点罗勒。
I thought you might want to join me for dinner. 我想你兴许愿意和我一起吃晚饭。

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might modal verb (SHOULD)

used to suggest, especially angrily, what someone should do to be pleasant, correct, polite, etc.

You might at least try to look like you're enjoying yourself! 你至少应该努力做出很开心的样子!
"I asked my boss over for dinner tonight." "Well, you might have asked me first!" “今晚我要请老板吃饭。”“噢,你该预先告诉我的!”

might modal verb (INTRODUCE)

also may used to introduce a statement that is very different from the statement you really want to make, in order to compare the two

The amount you save might be small, but it's still worth doing. 利兹队也许是支很棒的球队,但今天他们表现得糟糕极了。

mightnoun [ U ]

uk /maɪt/ us /maɪt/

power, strength, or force

Pizarro defeated the might of the Inca Empire with only a few hundred men. 皮萨罗依靠区区几百人打败了强大的印加帝国。
She struggled with all her might to get free. 她用尽全力想挣脱出来。

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