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uk /mɪs/ us /mɪs/

miss verb (NOT DO)

B1 [ T ] to fail to do or experience something, often something planned or expected, or to avoid doing or experiencing something

I missed the start of the class because my bus was late. 我没有赶上考试开始,因为我坐的公共汽车晚了。
Often I miss (= do not eat) breakfast and have an early lunch instead. 我经常不吃早餐而早吃午饭。
You should leave early if you want to miss the rush hour. 如果你想避开高峰时间,就该早些出发。
[ + -ing verb ] I only just missed being run over by a bus this morning. 我今早差点被一辆公共汽车撞倒。

A2 [ T ] to arrive too late to get on a bus, train, or aircraft

You'll miss your flight if you don't hurry up. 如果你不快点,会误了火车的。

A2 [ T ] to not go to something

Students who miss a lot of school can find it hard to catch up. 如果你继续缺课,会在学习上落后的。
I'm trying to find an excuse for missing the office party. 我正要找个错过了办公室聚会的理由。

B1 [ T ] to not see or hear something or someone

I missed the beginning of the show. 我错过了电影的开头。
Her latest movie is too good to miss (= it certainly should be seen). 她最近的一部电影很好,不容错过。
I was sorry I missed you at Pat's party - I must have arrived after you left. 很遗憾没有在帕特的派对上看到你——我准是在你离开后才到的。

[ T ] to not notice someone or something

You don't miss much, do you? Nobody else noticed that mistake. 你真是明察秋毫,是吧?别人都没有注意到那个错误。
My office is first on the right with a bright red door. You can't miss it (= it is very easy to find). 我的办公室是右边的第一间,有一扇鲜红色的门。你不会找不到的。

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miss verb (FEEL SAD)

A2 [ T ] to feel sad that a person or thing is not present

I really missed her when she went away. 她离开的时候我非常想念她。
She will be sadly missed by all who knew her. 所有认识她的人都会很悲伤地怀念她的。
I still miss my old car. 我仍惦念着我的旧汽车。
What did you miss most about home when you were living in France? 你住在法国时最想念英格兰的是什么?
[ + -ing verb ] I haven't missed smoking like I expected to. 出乎我的预料,我并没有老想着要抽烟。

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miss verb (NOT HIT)

B2 [ I or T ] to fail to hit something, or to avoid hitting something

The bullet missed his heart by a couple of centimetres. 子弹差几厘米就击中了他的心脏。
I swerved to avoid the other car and only just missed a tree. 我为避开另一辆车急忙转向,差一点就撞到树上。
He threw a book at me, but he/it missed. 他朝我扔了一本书,但没打中。

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miss verb (NOTICE)

[ T ] to notice that something is lost or absent

He didn't miss his wallet until the waiter brought the bill. 直到服务员拿来账单,他才发觉丢了钱包。


uk /mɪs/ us /mɪs/

miss noun (NOT HIT)

[ C ] an occasion when something or someone fails to hit something or avoids hitting something

Well done! You scored eight hits and only two misses. 干得好!你8次击中得分,只有两次失误。
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miss noun (NOT DO)

give sth a miss C1 UK informal

to avoid or not do something

We usually go to France in the summer, but we've decided to give it a miss this year. 我们通常夏天去法国,但今年我们决定不去了。
The restaurant's very good for fish, but I'd give their vegetarian options a miss. 这家餐馆鱼做得很好,但他们的素菜我不愿意吃。

miss noun (GIRL)

[ C ] UK old-fashioned informal a girl or young woman, especially one who behaves rudely or shows no respect

You're a cheeky little miss! Apologize at once. 你这个放肆的小姑娘!立刻道歉。


uk /mɪs/ us /mɪs/

A1 a title used before the family name or full name of a single woman who has no other title

Dr White will see you now, Miss Carter. 卡特小姐,怀特医生现在见你。
Miss Helena Lewis 海伦娜‧刘易斯小姐

[ as form of address ] mainly US or old-fashioned UK used as a form of address for a girl or young woman

Excuse me, Miss, you dropped this. 对不起,小姐,你能告诉我去车站怎么走吗?

[ as form of address ] UK sometimes used by children to address or refer to teachers who are women

Can I go to the toilet, Miss? 我能去厕所吗,老师?

a title given to a woman who wins a beauty contest, combined with the name of the place that she represents

Miss India/UK 印度/英国小姐
the Miss World contest 世界小姐比赛

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