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morris dancing

noun [ U ] uk /ˈmɒr.ɪs ˌdɑːn.sɪŋ/ us /ˈmɔːr.ɪs ˌdæn.sɪŋ/

a type of traditional English dancing in which a group of people, especially men, dance together, wearing special clothes decorated with little bells

morris dance noun [ C ] uk /ˈmɒr.ɪs ˌdɑːns/ us /ˈmɔːr.ɪs ˌdæns/
morris dancer noun [ C ] uk /ˈmɒr.ɪs ˌdɑːn.sər/ us /ˈmɔːr.ɪs ˌdæn.sɚ/

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