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UK US mold uk /məʊld/ us /moʊld/

mould noun (SUBSTANCE)

[ U ] a soft, green or grey growth that develops on old food or on objects that have been left for too long in warm, wet air

There was mould on the cheese. 这块奶酪发霉了。

mould noun (SHAPE)

[ C ] a hollow container with a particular shape into which soft or liquid substances are poured, so that when the substance becomes hard it takes the shape of the container

a cake/jelly mould 蛋糕/果冻模子

mould noun (TYPE OF PERSON)

[ S ] If someone is from or in a particular mould, they have the characteristics typical of a certain type of person.

He's cast in a very different mould from his brother. 他和他弟弟的性格截然不同。
He's a player in the Federer mould. 他是贝克尔那一类型的球员。


UK US mold uk /məʊld/ us /moʊld/

[ T ] to make a soft substance have a particular shape

This plastic is going to be moulded into plates. 这些塑料将被制成盘子。
The children moulded little pots out of/from (= made them by shaping) clay. 孩子们用黏土塑成小罐。

[ T ] to try to change or influence someone

He kept trying to mould me into something he wanted me to be. 他总是想把我变成他希望的样子。

[ I usually + adv/prep ] to fit the body very closely

She was wearing an extremely tight costume that moulded to/round the contours of her body. 她穿着一件非常紧身的衣服,身体的线条显露无遗。

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