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noun uk /maʊθ/ us /maʊθ/

A1 [ C ] the opening in the face of a person or animal, consisting of the lips and the space between them, or the space behind containing the teeth and the tongue

Open your mouth wide and say "Ah". 张大嘴,说“啊”。
You shouldn't put so much food in your mouth at once. 你不该一次把这么多食物塞入口中。

C1 [ C usually singular ] the opening of a narrow container, the opening of a hole or cave, or the place where a river flows into the sea

Quebec is at the mouth of the St Lawrence River. 魁北克位于圣劳伦斯河口。
verb [ T ] uk /maʊð/ us /maʊð/

to form words with the lips without making any sound

It looks to me as if the singers are only mouthing the words . 在我看来,这些歌手好像只是在对口型假唱。
[ + speech ] "Can we go?" mouthed Mary. “我们可以走了吗?”玛丽用口型默示道。

to say something in a way that is not sincere:

I don't want to stand here listening to you mouthing apologies. 我不想站在这儿听你信口胡说找借口。
→ See also bad-mouth

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